Metal Recycling Bins Collection

Metal Recycling Bins

Canaan offers high quality, Metal Recycling Bins with uniquely designed features and customization. Our trash receptacles are strong, dependable and perfect for all types of weather and environments. From small metal waste receptacles to commercial metal trash containers to heavy duty outdoor steel trash cans, our receptacles suit all buildings, office complexes, public areas, outdoor venues, and schools.

Our attractive, yet durable, metal trash receptacles are made with stainless steel or steel treated with a state of–art polyester powder finish. Those treated using Powder Coating System withstand high temperatures, resist fading by UV exposure, and hold up against acids, solvents, and other elements. All our metal waste receptacles are safe and environmentally friendly.

Either choose from a selection of designs or let our team help you customize your own since we can offer custom paint colors, sizes, labels, and text.