Umbrellas Collection

Patio Umbrellas

Tuuci manufactured patio umbrellas are sold through Canaan Inc. Made in Miami, the American company supplies sunshades on a worldwide basis for restaurants, hotels and various outdoor activities. The Tuuci family continues to develop technological innovations to retain its recognition as a leading supplier of sunshades.

We offer umbrellas that are made from polyester or acrylic materials. Our 100-percent polyester umbrellas provide optimal protection against UV rays though color changes may be visible after 350 days. Our 100-percent acrylic umbrellas offer superior protection from UV rays and color changes may occur after 700 days.

Commercial umbrellas are often used to provide shades for restaurant patrons, hotel guests and for other leisure activities. In a restaurant setting, market umbrellas or patio umbrellas can create more relaxing atmosphere for customers who enjoy dining outdoors. Hotel operators can also use outdoor umbrellas to shield poolside guests from the sun. Commercial umbrellas are available to order from Canaan Inc. for sporting events, outdoor festivals and other corporate events.