Planters Collection

Commercial Outdoor Planters

Canaan Inc. offers customizable commercial outdoor planters that are ideal for offices, parks, schools, and many other public spaces and outdoor venues. Available in powder-coated steel or recycled plastic wood, our simple yet nicely designed street planters provide style and beauty to any exterior as well as durable planting options that are made to last.

Recycled plastic planters are constructed using 100% recycled wood planks, and metal planters are assembled with heavy-duty steel bars that incorporate the Canaan 4-Steps Powder Coating System. Both materials provide maximum weather resistance. This includes protection from rain, salty air, sun damage and wind. All planters come with mounting hardware for concrete installation and are maintenance free.

Our steel and recycled plastic planters can also be customized to match your design needs. After selecting a desired model, the planter can be customized according to size as well as color. Opt for dimensions that fit the size of the plant or tree you want display, rather than the other way around, and choose a color that best matches your building, brand or landscape.