Recycling Bins Collection

Recycling Bins

Canaan Inc. stocks a wide selection of recycling bins with four different materials to choose from. Browse styles such as recycled plastic, stainless steel, wood or basic metal. The selection of over 20 recycling receptacles ranges from basic one opening bins to 2-in-1 bins to 4-in-1 bins to cover a variety of recycling needs. The strong structures and easy maintenance of Canaan commercial recycling bins are made for heavy use over many years.

Visible outdoor recycling containers serve both as reminders to recycle and as convenient recycling options in places such as parks, shopping areas and playgrounds. Outdoor recycling containers are designed to withstand all weather conditions and resist mildew and rust. In indoor areas, food court waste bins are helpful to separate and dispose of the variety of restaurant waste. Canaan’s quality products are not only tastefully designed, but also reflect the company’s commitment to conserving resources and helping the environment.