Trash Cans Collection

Trash Receptacles

Canaan Inc. stocks a wide selection of commercial trash receptacles in three durable materials. Choose from powder coated steel, stainless steel or recycled plastic wood in more than 20 eye-catching and efficient styles. The selection ranges from indoor or outdoor trash cans in single units to multi-compartment recycling centers that separate recyclable materials from general waste. The no-maintenance and rigid structures of Canaan waste receptacles are designed for years of heavy use in any kind of weather conditions.

A well-placed litter receptacle can provide a useful function in public parks, playgrounds, shopping centers and municipal areas. Commercial trash containers help to keep litter and trash contained and out of sight for improved sanitation and a cleaner environment. The lasting quality and construction of Canaan outdoor trash cans reflects our company’s contemporary sense of design as well as our genuine concern for environmental issues.

Canaan Inc. offers customized waste receptacles for higher visibility and more efficient operation. Commercial trash containers can be imprinted with any message or logo, or modified with alternate materials and components. Canaan litter receptacles are rust- and UV-resistant, easy to empty and clean, and the ideal trash collection solution for public places.